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Today, March 11, a long-awaited song «Voices of Peace” was firstly presented at Nashe Radio, «Chartova Duzhina» programme.

 The same date on the site of radio station the video clip for this song directed by Makov Alexander was firstly shown.

 »Voices of Peace» is the result of our creative collaboration together with you. In late 2015 we suggested everyone to take part in the contest to write lyrics for our anti-war song and received over 300 letters in reply! The final result came from different versions of our common ideas. We tried our best to put in the song the ideas of each author. 

The vocal for this song was recorded in collaboration with young bands, who used to perform at our fest «Rocksmena»: Factoreal (Saint-Petersburg), Image Effect (Kiev, Ukraine), NGE (Minsk, Belarus), Nizkiz (Mogilev, Belarus), Near To Paradise (Blagoveshchensk, Bashkortostan), OLBY (Ekaterinburg), Qwerty (Moscow), Rowbens (Simferopol), Stempline (Irkutsk), Sweet Pad (Moscow), Агама (Chelyabinsk), Корица (Arkhangelsk), Проект Гитарин (Boryspil, Ukraine), Сделай шаг (Tambov), Счетчик мыслей (Nurmansk), Чужие мысли (Izhevsk), Юра Гагарин (Astrakhan), Ярче! (Ulyanovsk).

We are very happy that this story united so many people! If you appreciate our work and share our ideas — please add you voice and share video or the song with friends. Let’s give this World a chance!