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Dear friends, our song “Voices of Peace” rose to the peak of the “Chartova Dyuzhina” on Nashe Radio! Many thanks for your participation and voices! We live in such time when the sharpest contradictions have exposed. When many people start to look at the events through the prism of rule “the end justifies the means”. Even if the price of “justified means” are the people’s lives. It’s very important for us that you voted for this very song and it became the headliner of the national chart.

We hope that this news will inspire everyone who thinks that humankind needs to stop self-destruction. And we want to say a huge “thank you!” to everyone who participated in recording of the song “Voices of Peace”, to everyone who send the texts, to everyone who voted for us. That’s our common victory!

To keep the song on the 1st position of the chart please vote daily on Nashe radio site, “Voices of Peace” – number 8!