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19/10/2017:LUMEN TURNS 20 | TOUR 2018

In 2018 our band will celebrate 20th anniversary. For us all the birthdays, anniversaries or not, have become a quiet family holidays, which we celebrated among intimates. But 20 years is an emblematic date for every team and we want to change the tradition and for the first time in many years celebrate this birthday together with you, our listeners. It won’t be just a single show, but a series of events in various cities, with which we have established various emotional connections — impressions, memories, stories and above all friends — old and the new ones.

We look forward to making this tour something special. That’s why we decided to suggest you to take part in forming our new concert programme, we invite you to vote and select 20 songs, which you would like to hear live in our anniversary tour. The setlist will be made by us based on your preferences. For all these years we felt your support, that’s why we want to make you a present for our birthday. You can make your choice till the end of 2017 on this page, and to view the results please follow this link. See you all at the shows in Spring!