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When we knew about the plans to change The Constitution of our country we started to wonder what this may mean. We saluted to all the suggestions that were designed to improve the life of common people, our fellow citizens, who are currently in difficult financial situation. It was not evident how the events will unfold, when the current term of Vladimir Putin will come to an end and what changes we should expect in the bodies of the authority and to what it will bring us all. All the questions about the purpose of this Constitutional reform were made clear by Duma member Tereshkova [Valentina Tereshkova, first woman in space, hero of The USSR, as a Russian Parliament member on March 10, 2020 has put forward a constitutional ammendment that allows President Putin to stay in power till 2036 - translator's note] .

The very day The Constitutional Court of The Russian Federation accepted the legacy of Putin’s previous presidential terms are zeroed out as a result of the new constitutional ammends in the main law document of our country, we recorded the draft copy of our version of «Good Tsar, Familiar Stink» by Grazhdanskaya Oborona. In our days this song [originally released in 1987 - TN] plays out in fresh colours, but fills our hearts with bitter irony over the same old meanings.

The way the decisions on this reform are made and have been made before; how the authorities were in a rush with the nation-wide vote, not to leave citizens a chance to understand the true nature of changes; the fact that it is suggested to vote for all the changes as one unit — all the mentioned above excites disgust, non-acception and anger in us. The global tragedy recalibrated this plan, which we treat as a yet another fraud against our nation. Pandemy has postponed the voting, this gives us all time and opportunity to understand what is really going on. All the positive initiatives of this reform should be fulfilled by people in power as a part of their duty. Just because this is their direct responsibility and not a part of a deal in exchange toreset to zero all the previous years in power of a current state leader. And this can be easily achieved. We suppose all the constitutional ammendments must be cosidered separately in the nation-wide vote. This refers to zeroing out the President’s previous terms as well. Our wish to support disadvantaged fellow citizens should not become a hostage in hands of authorities’ political ambitions. We are for reform, but against fraud! Join us! Follow the link to download.